Intermediate Colleges
Mirzapur, St. Mary's Inter College
Address : St. Mary’s School, Station Road, Mirzapur - 231001
Phone : 05442-220022
Principal : Rev. Fr. William Mathias
Medium : English
Board : CICSE

A Brief History:
St. Mary’s school established on July 10, 1989 is marching towards academic excellence, development of skills and character formation of its students. The school saw the light of day on July 10th 1989 is dedicated to Blessed Mother Mary, Mother of Lord Jesus Christ. It is established and administered by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Allahabad under the able guidance of the Diocesan Education Board.

• On July 10th 1989 the school started with just 175 students and 5 teachers. Rev. Fr. Sebastian D’cruz was the first Principal. His tenure was from 1989 to 1992. Rev. Sr. Cymprose D’Almeida was the first Head-Mistress. She served the school from 1989 to 1995. St. Mary’s School began with 3 Classes L.K.G, U.K.G and Class 1.

• Rev. Fr. Benedict Pereira served the school as Principal from 1992 to 2000. Sr. Cecilia D’souza was the Head- Mistress from 1995 to 2000. During the year 2000 the Class X students of the school appeared for the first time to face the ICSE- X Board Examination. It had a total of 20 Students appearing for the Council Examination. Manika Tandon came first with 86.7%. The overall result was 100%. All the twenty students passed the Council Examination.

• The next Principal was Rev. Fr. Jerome D’souza who served the school from 2000- 2004 along with Sr. Benny D’mello as the new Head- Mistress from 2000-2004. The class XII students appeared for the first time in ISC- XII Board Examination in the year 2004 with 22 students. Neha Singh stood first with 81. 80%. The results of Class X- ICSE and XII- ISC have been very outstanding so far. Some more land was purchased by Fr. Jerome i.e. at present St. John Block and the First Floor of St James Block was constructed during his time. A new generator of 40kva was purchased for regular electricity supply to the school.

• Late Rev. Fr. Michael D’Souza joined the school as the Principal in July 2004.His tenure was from 2004-2007. The Ground Floor of the St. Johns Block, Mini Hall in the St. Peter’s Block 2nd Floor, New Principals office and a small Park for Nursery Students were constructed during his tenure. Sr. Jessy D’costa was the Headmistress from 2004 to 2008.

• Rev. Fr. William Mathias joined the School as Principal in July 2007 and he still serves the School till date. A lot of construction and renovation is being done during his tenure as the Principal of the School. The new constructions are as follows:

1. The front building had a new face lift. The School looks grand with the new design as well as quotations scripted on the front building.

2. Renovation of the office was made and the office block was separated from the school.

3. The Grotto of our Patron Saint, Mother Mary was constructed in front of the fee counter, two Halls in the second floor of St. Peters block was also constructed for the purpose of conducting the board examination for Class X and XII as well as for other Co- curricular activities.

4. The entrance Gate of the school was modified, and the Second floor of St. John block was also constructed.

5. A Children’s park was constructed in front of St. John block, specially for the kindergarten students. Toilets for the students were constructed in all the three blocks i.e. St. Peter block, St. James block and St. John block.

6. A new Bore-well was also made for adequate water facilities for the Staff and Students.

7. A Transformer was purchased for constant voltage of the school campus.

8. A well furnished Computer Lab with all the modern facilities was made for the students in the St. Peter block. The school at present has 65 computers in the two computer labs to facilitate the students in the computer science class.

9. A new room was created for meetings and is named as the Conference room, a Parlor was also constructed for the parents just at the entrance of St. Peter block.

10. A new generator of 20kva was purchased for adjusting the electricity load of the school.

11. A small Cycle stand has been constructed so that the students could keep their bicycles properly.

12. The school Library was shifted to the second floor of St. Peter block. The school activities are going on as per the schedule of the tentative programme of the school.

Principals and their tenure:

Fr. Sebastian D’cruz : 1989 - 1992
Fr. Benedict Pereira : 1992 - 2000
Fr. Jerome D’souza : 2000 - 2004
Fr. Michael D’souza : 2004 - 2007
Fr. William Mathias : 2007 - to date

Head Mistresses and their tenure:

Sr. Cymprose D’Almeida : 1989 - 1995
Sr. Cecilia D’souza : 1995 - 2000
Sr. Benny D’mello : 2000 - 2004
Sr. Jessy D’costa : 2004 - 2008
Sr. Benny D’mello : 2008 - to date
  • Give me back the joy of your salvation, sustain in me a generous spirit.
  • Give me back the joy of your salvation, sustain in me a generous spirit.